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Age: 19
Ethnicity: Russian
Height: 160cm
Measurements: 81-56-82
Weight: 46kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Languages Russian, English
Location Moscow, Russia

Review Summary



by Richard

Face - 9

Wow, I was floored. Her ad had her entire face covered, but I decided to take a chance. When she came in through the door, my mind went blank and I felt dumbstruck for what seemed like an eternity. She was gorgeous, with perfect blond hair (dyed but a great job) atop a slender face. She had big, blue-green eyes, a nice noise, and a smirky set of lips. The only small slight against her, was an imperfect set of teeth which gave her a weird smile from certain angles.

Body - 9.5

Stunning. From the ad, she looked slender, but photos could always be photoshopped. In person, it was better than the photos. She was not tall, but looked tall because of her compact frame. She was skinny, but not anorexic, with a naturally fit figure. When she arrived in that sexy evening dress and did a little spin, I wanted to grab that perfect ass of hers right away. She also did not have any tattoos, which I really liked. Her breasts were small and perfectly shaped. If they were a little bigger, she would be a perfect 10.

Hygiene - 9.5

Perfectly manicured and pedicured with nothing under those nails. She was clean, with an entirely shaved pussy that looked almost waxed. From head to toe, she was spotless, with the gentle smell of soap. Her pussy tasted great. She arrived with no trace or hint she was a smoker, except when we kissed and I could taste the faint hint, but it only made her better. How smoking affects the experience, varies depending on the girl. Sometimes it's horrible, but other times, it's great. Elena was the latter. When we kissed, the smokiness added a flavour to her mouth similar to the feeling you get from tasting a well-smoked meat. It felt luxurious. I loved it, but I must knock a half point off because it's not for everyone and it's worth noting for those of you who are picky about a cigarette habit.

Service - 9

ENGLISH LEVEL : OK. You can have a basic conversation and her speech is accented, but clear.

Moscow, is not an easy place to have fun without local help. There are foreigner-catered services, but they can be expensive, limited in selection, or outright ripoffs. After hearing so many stories about the beauty of Russian girls, I really wanted to experience first hand. As everyone says, "the food tastes better when it is loca". I headed off to Moscow and a friend referred to another guy, to another guy.

Despite Russian men stereotyped as gruff in nature (and a little scary), this "agent" was quite jovial and approachable. "Call me Nicholas," he said. "I have lots of beautiful girls for you. Just tell me what you want". I told him I wanted a young, blonde, slender girl, who would be ok with anal. "No problem Richard," and proceeded to swipe around on his mobile. He pauses at one picture, eyes wide open, looks up at me with a giant smile and asks, "Do you like surprises?". I replied that I did, but in this regard, I don't think I wanted to be surprised. He tries to be reassuring, "Don't worry, you are a friend of Ivan," (obviously I'm not using his real name) "and I'll get you what you want. Trust me." Uhhhh.....I'm in a foreigner in Moscow - could he have said something even more unassuring??? Well, I decided I had to take risks sometimes and I didn't feel unsafe; the only thing that might happen would be an ugly old hag showing up and I would have to pay the price, even if I sent her home. Sensing my apprehension, Nicholas tells me he'll send me a picture of her a few hours before the scheduled time, so I'm not completely in the dark. I tell Nicholas the apartment I'm staying, and when I want her to show up.

In the morning of my scheduled meeting, Nicholas is true to his word and sends me the picture you see posted. Wow, she looked very pretty and exactly what I wanted. The hour arrived and I rang her upstairs, telling her to go to the far door on the right. I was thoroughly impressed the moment she walked through the door in the figure-hugging, strapless red dress. She was more petite than I expected because of stereotypes about Russian women, but that suited me fine because of my own small stature. I was really horny and asked her to undress immediately, showing off that perfect figure and gorgeously perky nipples.

We got on the bed and chatted briefly as I ran my hands up and down her body. She told me she was 19 and recently graduated from school. Holy cow, 19???? She asked why I was in Moscow and I joked I was there because of the stories I heard about Russian girls and that I've never had one before. It was a bit difficult talking to her. I got the feeling she understood most of what I said, but she herself spoke little in return. I asked her what she liked to do and she said, "Massages and anal." "Me too!," I exclaimed. "but not anal on me." She giggled, and said she liked it more than regular sex.

She asked me if I wanted a blowjob and I told her I did. I pulled down my pants as she pulled herself towards my crotch and took my dick in her mouth. I laid back, enjoying the performance. She was quite good, using her tongue a lot, but she could've sucked harder. We tried normal sex in a few different positions. In the doggy position, I would grab her arms and pull her back to push into her harder. It was fun, but kind of quiet. She wasn't very vocal, but made eye contact once in a while.

We finally tried anal. She asked in which position so I said doggy because I wanted a perfect view of that tight little ass of hers. She got on all fours and I slowly put my dick in her ass, thinking it would hurt because I heard it does for most girls. Not Elena. She took it easily and gladly. Her asshole felt wonderfully snug with the right amount of give. It was warm and textured that left a great sensation along my shaft. I wanted to try fucking her ass in another position so she suggested cowgirl; gently getting on top of me while her hand positioned my cock to go into the right hole. When fucking her anally, Elena finally made a little noise, moaning gently. She would run her hands over my chest and gently squeeze my flesh.

I was ready to finish so we got up to change into missionary because I really wanted to be close to her when the moment was ready. While changing, I asked if she could suck my cock, and she gladly did. Wow! Ass to mouth! I fucked her for what seemed like only a few seconds, than told her I was ready to cum and I wanted to do it in her mouth. She said ok and I stood up. She took my cock and sucked it as I came, rubbing my cock on her lips and chin, and letting my jizz drip along her cheeks.

We got up. Cleaned ourselves up a bit and I told her she could go shower before I did. After washing up, we chatted as much as was possible with her limited English before she wore her red dress and left to go back to the driver waiting downstairs. When she left, I messaged Nicholas to thank him for introducing us. I was immensely satisfied. Elena was stunningly gorgeous with a near perfect body, and her menu was fantastic. Perhaps her lack of English held back some of the connection we could've had, because the sex itself was somewhat reserved. But did I say enough how much this girl loves anal? ;)

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  • Elena was a college student working for an "agent". That agent has since gone missing (not returning calls or contact requests) which tends to happen frequently with these guys. Sadly, I don't have any contacts for her.
  • Location: Moscow, Russia

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