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Taylor Sands


Age: 24
Ethnicity: Dutch
Height: 163cm
Measurements: 32C-23-34
Weight: 55kg
Hair Color: brunette
Languages Dutch, English
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Review Summary



by Richard

Face - 8

Still pretty and youthful, but I thought she looked prettier with less tanning and less poofy lips, much like when she first came on the scene.

Body - 8.5

This one is very subjective and some people might give her a perfect score here. Her skin is tanned, but soft and supple. Everything is natural and no tattoos. Those big C cup breasts are fun to hold. Lots of cushion for fun, but I prefer my girls slimmer. Her pussy lips can eat you.

Hygiene - 9

Good, but she is a smoker.

Service - 9

ENGLISH LEVEL : Great. Just a hint of an accent. Conversations are very relaxed. She is well-travelled and has lots of interests and hobbies so there is always something to talk about.

NOTE : Our first true casting video. This casting was conducted in Barcelona, Spain. Taylor Sands is based in The Netherlands, but also available for world wide travel.

What sets Taylor Sands apart from almost all other escorts, is her bubbly personality. It's rare to find a girl who from the moment she walks in, has a genuine smile affixed to her face, and seems to focus on YOUR pleasure.

After some small talk and some belly-dancing, I asked Taylor to undress, revealing a wonderfully curvacious body with big, C size breasts that was a joy to hold in your hand. She looked equally sexy in an evening dress prepared for her. Throughout the initial casting, I was impressed by her positive attitude, her travel experience, and her candidness. While she is pretty, I did not expect the sexiness to come on so suddenly. While posing in the wine-colored dress, her voice drops a little. The bubbliness is still there, but now sensual as she doesn't hesitate to drop to her knees and began giving a fantastic, wet, blowjob with lots of eye contact.

That sensuality doubled when she got off the floor, and bent over the casting chair. With her throaty tone, she invited me to fuck her, lifting up her dress to position her big round butt forward. We fucked doggy style and it was so hot when she looked back to make eye contact every so often. We switched positions so she sat on me while I sat on the chair. I could feel those big pussy lips wrap around my cock snuggly, as she slid my cock inside her. She had total control as she rode me, without coming down hard or uncomfortably on the downard movements, and stopping once or twice to gyrate and push her butt against my hips which felt so good.

I could not last. We went to the couch where I could eat out her pussy and return the great oral she gave me. That bought me a little bit of time, but as she laid there with that naughty smile, I was ready to cum and she happily obliged me finishing in her mouth. She swallowed, and gave a nice suck for good measure.

Due to timing, I did not get a chance to experience fucking her ass, so the review score is lower than what might be fair. She supposedly loves anal and if I could barely last that long with just her pussy, I don't think I have a chance with that ass. Taylor should definitely be on your "dont miss list"

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