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Amirah Adara


Age: 21
Ethnicity: Hungarian
Height: 160cm
Measurements: 32A-23-34
Weight: 46kg
Hair Color: Brunette
Languages Hungarian, English
Location Vienna, Austria

Review Summary



by Richard

Face - 8

Pretty and sweet with a nice wide smile and big eyes, but a very prominent nose. Lush, flowing hair, but the really tanned skin was very different from what I was expecting.

Body - 8.5

What I really liked about Amirah was her small, petite frame that seemed rightly propotioned. She was fairly fit, but because of her youth, she still had baby fat which if absent, would've made her look toned, which probably wouldn't suit her. She was tight and supple, with a heart-shaped ass. Her breasts are smaller than average and the tanning was a little too much.

Hygeine - 10

Absolutely perfect. She smelled slightly perfumed when she walked in and clean after the shower. Her nails were clean and manicured. I don't believe she's a smoker because her teeth were white and there was no hint of cigarette. She was perfectly shaved, plucked, and prepared.

Service - 9

ENGLISH LEVEL : Very good. Her accent is sweet and her vocabulary isn't the broadest, but she is comfortable trying to speak in english and can communicate effectively in a conversation.

After my positive experience with Amirah at TerminPornBabes, I decided I had to see her privately at a setting more relaxing than a brothel, no matter how high-end it was. I booked her to come by my hotel. She arrived promptly at the designated time. As soon as she walked through the door in a very tasteful dress, I was hooked. It says a lot about a girl's professionalism when she comes dressed sharply and appropriately. I could've taken her out to a fancy restaurant at the moment, and she would look fine.

I asked her to take off her dress and my impression of her improved further. She wore matching bra and panties. I couldn't wait any longer so I asked her to shower and come out in something more appropriate for the evening. She came back in a strapless evening dress that was perfect for a club, or a casual dinner. I couldn't keep my hands off her any further and pushed up her skirt, revealing a pair of sexy black panties; again, great attention to detail.

She pulled my pants down and started sucking my cock, taking it deep into her mouth in very rapid motions with lots of stroking with her hand. She was really good at it. I laid her on the bed and asked her to hang her head off the edge because I wanted to face-fuck her while admiring that amazing body of hers. She happily obliged.

Standing her up again, I bent her over the bed and fucked her from behind, getting a little more aggressive as she moaned believeably and looked back to make eye contact once in a while. I would grab her long hair and tug on her gently, but I really wanted to pull on it hard.

I took a break and ate her out a bit, wanting to see if the pussy tasted as sweet as it looked. It did. I fucked her missionary, then had her ride me on top, before finishing it off doggy style. In every position, she would make frequent eye contact and kissed passionately without provocation. She was fantastic and a real girlfriend experience. We got into doggy once again and we finished in that position. We kissed and she got up to shower. When she left, she gave me a nice kiss goodbye on the lips

I hope to see Amirah again. The only thing I wished I got to experience was anal with her, because it was on her menu and we tried to make arrangements for it, but it didn't work out. Anal with Amirah would not be a girlfriend experience at all, because real girlfriends wouldn't do anal, and not this passionately. ;)

BONUS RATING: Location - 8

I first saw Amirah at Join To Find Where - a brothel in Vienna, Austria - which is well-known for hosting famous European pornstars and topmodels. The location is a converted mansion, discretely nestled in a suburban Vienna neighbourhood. When you enter, the hostess will lead you to one of the large, happily-decorated bedrooms. Even though there are likely other clients on the premises, great effort is made so that you never see or hear them. Regarding the rooms: they are very nice in the way you would imagine a room of a rich teenage girl, with dominant color schemes and soft carpenting everywhere. It's not gaudy like an Eastern European sense of luxury, nor is it modern chic. Youthful is probably the best way to describe it.

In the room, each available girl will enter individually and introduce themselves. You can stop the parade of girls coming in, whenever you want, if you find a girl to your liking. The overall service is very friendly. If you need refreshments, the hostess or even the girl can bring it to you, and you never feel pressured in any way. The biggest reason for the low score is the terrible location. It's far from the city center and not conveniently accessible by public transport. You have to take an expensive taxi to get there and I recommend getting the business card of your cab driver so you can call him when you are done. The service prices are very affordable, but the location is so bad, I suggest paying more to have the girl come to you and avoid the hassle.

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