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Ani Blackfox


Age: 25
Ethnicity: Russian
Height: 175cm
Measurements: 87C-64-92
Weight: 55kg
Hair Color: light brown
Languages Russian, Czech, English
Location Prague, Czech Republic

Review Summary



by Richard

Face - 8.5

Beautiful and radiant with a bright smile typical of Eastern European beauties. Her eyes can dazzle and play tricks on you just by how she looks at you.

Body - 8

Tall but voluptuous in all the right places. I tend to prefer slender girls, but Ani's physique was much more attractive in person than what you can judge in the photos. She felt soft, yet pleasureably taught in the right places so that more active sex, would be enjoyable.

Hygiene - 10

Couldn't tell if she was a smoker or not because she smelled and tasted fine.

Service - 10

ENGLISH LEVEL : Advanced. Although Ani has an accent, she spoke and understood English very well, making conversations easy.

I've been giving out a lot of 10's recently and admittedly in hindsight I would change some of them because with more experience under my belt, many successive encounters have shown ever-better service. Ani is one such example, where I feel she truly deserves a 10, because she was tasked with more than just sex, and she excelled on every level.

Looking for some company to party with, I contacted Ani and we made arrangements to meet at my flat before heading out to a club. After a quick shower, I watched as she changed into a sexy, figure-hugging dress in front of the bedroom mirror. She looked fantastic and I was immediately turned on. She allowed me to take a few photos and I was ready to fuck her right there, but she told me to be patient. We left for our evening. We had a great time first at dinner, where she was easy to talk to and was not overly serious. We dance and her companionship felt so natural and relaxed.

Jubilant from the great night out, we returned in high spirits. She must have had a good time because she pressed me up against the wall as soon as we stepped through the door, and proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs I've ever had. I could feel her tongue swirl around my cock and the sight of her bent down around my waist, with her bright eyes looking up at me, was mesmerizing.

She stood up, turned towards the wall, pulled up her dress, and pointed her bouncy ass towards my crotch. We fucked right there by the door standing up. I was really getting into it when she suddenly pulled away and told me to stop. She had a surprise for me, but I only registered a little bit of what she said because I was still dazed and super horny. She led me to the bedroom and told me to wait while she prepared a surprise.

A couple of minutes later, the doors to the bedroom slide open to reveal Ani now in a black bodysuit with a plunging neckline that accentuated all of her best assets. I could not believe she could look even sexier than before. We got right back into fucking, switching between doggie and cowgirl while she was still in the bodysuit. I loved the way she looked on top of me and couldn't hold it in any longer. I switched her to missionary over the edge of the bed and was ready to cum. I asked her to get on her knees and open her mouth to finish with a great CIM. To top it off, she licked her lips and said my cum tasted like icecream. WOW. Fucking awesome.

We washed up together, spent a little more time with each other, and parted ways. Since my experience with Ani, she's become my benchmark for a great session and what I think all guys should look for when seeing escorts. This is not a loving, romantic girlfriend experience. Or a crazy, overly aggressive pornstar experience. This was fun, great, athletic, passionate sex with no strings, no inhibitions, and no anxieties, buttressed by friendly companionship.

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